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Gentle Soap

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Minois Paris was founded by Hélène Fulchi who says it is, "aimed at all mums who want to pay special attention to the care products they choose for their children.” She has developed very mild formulas with ingredients of natural and organic origin that care for the most delicate skins and can be used from birth onwards.

Free from parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicon and colorings.

Dermatologically tested.

This protective superfatted natural soap is made following a traditional method with a 100% vegetable base (olive oil + coconut oil) and moisturising, protective shea butter by Minois. Enriched with organic honey and organic orange blossom, renowned for their soothing and softening properties, it gently cleanses even the most delicate skin. Designed for babies and children.

Gentle Soap
Gentle Soap Sale price$ 18.00