Sissy + Marley Jam Wallpaper - Silver
$ 170.00

Sissy + Marley For Jill Malek

Sissy + Marley Jam Wallpaper - Silver

Boring walls are no fun, spice things up in your baby’s room with this playful Sissy and Marley Traffic Jam Wallpaper. Its delicate tracings of bumper-to-bumper trucks and cars are modern enough for adults while appealing to your family’s younger generation. Available in white with silver, charcoal, gold or navy, repeating print, this wallpaper will suit any child's room decor. This 27” wide and 15’ long sheet of environmentally safe, untrimmed, unpasteurized, clay-coated paper will help you feel secure because it is free of harmful chemicals. Surround your baby with inviting charm when you choose to decorate their room with this wallpaper.

Due to the custom nature of the product ALL SALES FINAL.