Sissy + Marley Giraffe Walk Wallpaper - Charcoal
$ 170.00

Sissy + Marley For Jill Malek

Sissy + Marley Giraffe Walk Wallpaper - Charcoal

This Sissy and Marley Giraffe Walk Wallpaper is an artistic and mod-chic way to garnish your baby’s room. Its hand printed design is picturesque with its slight but clear. When your friends and family enter your nursery or playroom they will relish how contemporary, yet child-like it feels. Each, 27” wide and 15’ long sheet displays a memorable, repeated, large to small, giraffe pattern in rain blue, metallic gold, metallic silver or charcoal. When thinking about a loving, friendly space for your child finish off their room with this chemical free, untrimmed, unpasteurized, clay-coated wallpaper.

Due to the custom nature of the product ALL SALES FINAL.