$ 12.00


Rounded Orthodontic Pacifier

Possibly the safest pacifier on the market, Natursutten proudly presents its orthodontic pacifier. Designed with natural, toxic free pure rubber from the Hevea brasiliensi tree; this paci is softer than anything else around-ever silicone. Because it has a molded, one piece design; the accessory doesn’t allow germs, dirt, and bacteria in any crack or crevice-because there aren’t any! Its large shield rests against your baby’s nose, mimicking the sensation of breastfeeding. Perfect for babies who are 6-12 months, it instantly soothes them. The pacifier also has a small ring so it’s easy for your baby to hold on to, or slip a soft cloth through, serving as a lovey or a burp cloth when on the go. Dishwasher safe and fully hypoallergenic, it’s the only pacifier you’ll ever turn to!