Milk & Honey Babies

$ 50.00

Classic Helmet


Children should always be safe when having fun on their bike, scooter, or skateboard! Banwood’s helmets are ultra-light weight, so it feels like they’re wearing nothing at all! Smooth, sleek, and stylish the helmet has a durable ABS outer shell and is lined with inner foam, for a secure fit.

About the Brand

Banwood is a family owned and oriented brand that has a passion for creating products for children. The goal of the company is to create safe, high quality items that have a timeless design. The overall design aesthetic of Banwood is contemporary with a touch of mid-century charm. The brand pays close attention to fine details and tests their bikes rigorously to adhere to safety restrictions and quality standards.

  • Helmet can be adjusted by a dual fit system in the back
  • Adjustable chin strap for a proper fit
  • Matte vanilla finish
  • Front, top, and back ventilation
Classic Helmet
Classic Helmet

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