$ 12.00


Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier

Get peace of mind when it comes to choosing your child’s pacifier. Natursutten’s Butterfly orthodontic pacifier is supremely soft. Made from pure rubber from the Hevea brasiliensi tree, they are softer and smother than silicone so you’ll never notice a mark on your baby’s face after use. Extremely hygienic, the pacis are made in a one piece mold, so there are no cracks or crevices that hide dirt, germs, and bacteria. Its nipple is designed to mimic the sensation of nursing so your baby will always be satisfied and soothed. Very safe for your baby, the pacifier conforms to all safety requirements deemed by European standards and the CPSIA. Simple to clean with warm water and mild soap, the pacifier can also be placed in the dishwasher. How convenient! In addition to being flexible, soft, and easy to clean, the accessory is also hypoallergenic. Parents also love its butterfly feature, which boasts a cut out on the top, creating a butterfly shape so that your baby’s nose can fit (and breathe) with ease.