Boon Grass Boon Bottle Drying Rack

$ 18.00

Brand Boon

In a house of growing things there is nothing more fitting than a, Grass Boon Bottle Drying Rack. The funky shape of baby bottles, spoons, nipples and more can often mean they end up on the floor. However, this non-toxic rack is designed to keep everything perfectly safe and in place. Its clear, upright, malleable, plastic blades gently move when you place something on them. This allows for an individualized and secure drying spot. When drying, excess water will drain into a white lower tray. This tray can easily be poured out after every use. Have no fear of this drying rack standing out. Its clear color helps it easily blend into its surroundings. When using this rack to dry your baby’s feeding supplies everything will be clean and fresh, almost as if they were picked from the garden.