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Adaptor Kit ZIGI - Black
$ 46.90

Adaptor Kit ZIGI - Black

Adorable, light weight, and extremely maneuverable; the Mima Zigi fits easily in your trunk and stores perfectly in compact spaces. Pull a lever and turn your wrist to fold Zigi up and slide it in travel compartments on planes, trains, and busses. If its style isn’t chic enough, you’ll love its transparent wheels. And, just because its pint-sized doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a smooth and seamless stroll. Some additional features of the light weight stroller include: 

  • Large basket and canopy 
  • Rear suspension 
  • Adjustable heights 
  • 5 point safety harness with built in shoulder pads 
  • Accommodates a child up to 37 pounds 
  • Recline features 
  • Can take on a variety of surfaces and environments