Rider Heritage Bentley


Baghera’s Rider Heritage Bentley is a ride on car designed for little boy or girl race fans! Inspired by the winning race car of 1927, this classically designed toy has a streamlined silhouette and is decorated with intricate and impeccable details. A must have gift for the car enthusiast or parents who want to give their child nothing but the best!

About the Brand

Baghera is a family business located near Paris, France. With the goal of designing and creating high-quality, innovative for children; the brand is surrounded by a team of talented and enthusiastic designers. Delighting toddler for years, their products and pedal cars comply with European safety standards and make for beautiful keepsakes for years to come.


  • Leather steering wheel and seat
  • Deep green color
  • Chrome grill
  • Bentley Logo
  • Makes a gorgeous keepsake


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