NIPPLE + LIP Lips Now. Nipps Later



Let’s be honest. Breastfeeding is amazing + awesome but can be painful AF! This lanolin-free formula helps calm and soothe irritated nipps + relieve dry lips and other bits. Tropical butters and superfruits create a barrier against chapping and chafing.

Free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrance and worries. Dermatologist & Allergy Tested.


– Helps calms + soothe irritated nipples while nursing
– Prevents chafing of sensitive nipples during + post pregnancy
– Relieves dry lips, cuticles, elbows + anywhere that needs a little love


– Enough for 3 months of calming + soothing
 For chapped lips: apply liberally to lips daily (or as much as needed)
 During pregnancy: Apply 2x daily throughout 2nd + 3rd trimesters to prep nipples for reduced cracking & chapping
 While nursing: Safe to use daily in between nursing, as needed
– We recommend gently wiping or cleansing your breast prior to breastfeeding to remove any residue in between usage
– Non-toxic formula is mama-safe, plant-derived + lanolin-free
– BPA-free packaging

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