Bumpy Mini – Perfect Cushy Corners – 4 Pack


Protect your little love’s eyes, face, and other delicate spots with these premium safety corner bumpers. Bink brings you these sleek, adhesive cushions that are made from baby-safe, food-grade silicone rubber. Stop worrying about countertop, table, and shelf corners as your baby grows and toddles around your home!

About the Brand

Bink is owned by a husband and wife team, who decided to start a safety brand after their daughter started to crawl and pull herself up. They believe in well-designed, practical safety solutions that are innovative and long lasting. With the hope of making childproofing a home exciting, the couple spent years developing and testing products in their own home, for every stage of childhood. With safety being the core of everything Bink does, the brand believes that you don’t have to compromise the look and feel of your home when baby proofing. Bink items create simple aesthetics that integrate seamlessly into your décor, while giving you a sense of calmness and security.

  • Optimal cushiness to protect little heads
  • Won’t break into small, chewable and dangerous chunks
  • Non-chokable in size
  • Sleek, low-profile makes it hard for little fingers to pull off
  • Installs in seconds
  • Authentic 3M adhesive
  • For best results: use on 90° edges – wood, glass, ceramic, stone, metal
  • Please note: The adhesive is strong. We recommend not using on chipped or painted furniture.


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