About Us


Ariana Horry, owner of Milk and Honey Babies, is inspired everyday by her two children Maya and Avery. This inspiration led her to open Milk and Honey as a one-stop shop for mothers looking for high-quality and eco-conscious products. “I was tired of the chemicals companies were using that weren’t good for my little ones.” Ariana found that she wasn’t alone in having this sentiment, and tailored her boutique to solve the very problems she, and many of the mothers she reached out to, had. With the loving support of her husband (NFL Star Mike Adams), Ariana opened Milk and Honey in Englewood, NJ serving the community with baby products that are more than just luxe, they help every new mother make the important transition from pregnancy to motherhood smoothly and personally. “As a mom I truly care about every product we recommend from your little one’s crib mattress to their diaper cream.”

Every product found in Milk and Honey Babies, and on their online store, is meticulously selected by Ariana herself. If she wouldn’t use it in her home, she wouldn’t offer it in her shop.