Spot On Square Roh Crib - One Sided Acrylic & Walnut
$ 1,999.00

Spot On Square

Spot On Square Roh Crib - One Sided Acrylic & Walnut

The Spot On Square One Sided Acrylic Crib puts emphasis on function and geometric shapes to reflect your modern, fashionable home. Angles and simplicity with a walnut finish echo your home’s already refined décor. Bring focus and visibility to your baby with this crib’s framed, BPA and phthalate free, clear acrylic side. Similar to modern architecture’s floor to ceiling widows, this single, clear side promotes curiosity, exploration and natural light. When your baby is ready for a toddler bed you may opt to buy a simple conversion kit. Until then, your inquisitive baby will love examining what is going on around them while they relax in a comfortable, safe environment.


  • Sides are made from solid one-inch-thick walnut and the base and platform are made from birch
  • 3-position adjustable mattress provides unmatched comfort and support
  • Choose from all white or white and walnut finish
  • Distinct modern design
  • Dimensions: 53.5" x 30" x 36"