Puj Towel
$ 35.00


Puj Towel Puj Towel is a dual purpose towel that allows you to pick up your baby with two free hands. The Hug Puj Towel features two silicone tabs that interlock around your neck for comfort and support to use your hands while holding your little one. The towel is made from thick, ultra-soft cotton. All parts of the Puj Towel are machine washable.

The Hug Towel is one of the most well-recognized hands-free towels. As you are washing your baby in your Boon bath tub, the Puj Hug Towel sits comfortably around your neck protecting your shirt from splashes. When the bath is over, pick up your baby and hold him or her to your chest and pull the hood over their head. Don't stop here, check our more Puj products.