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Article: Pack These Must Have Items in Your Diaper Bag

Pack These Must Have Items in Your Diaper Bag

Pack These Must Have Items in Your Diaper Bag

Whether you’re a new mom or raising your third little one, sometimes you need a refresher on what items you need to pack in your diaper bag. Of course, what you need to pack will depend on where you are going and for how long. Below we highlight the essentials you should make sure are always in your diaper bag, so you and your baby will have a fun and comfortable time on the go.

Diaper Bag Items for Baby

Diapers - This one should be a no brainer! Depending on the amount of time you’ll be out running errands or shopping will affect how many diapers you should have on hand. We recommend always having at least two diapers on hand. Some mom’s even pack a backup diaper bag to have in the car in case of emergencies. Our top choice for diapers is the Honest Company eco-friendly diapers because of their eco-friendly and non-toxic design.

Wipes - Another prominent item to have on hand in your diaper bag. Baby wipes are crucial to have in your diaper bag, for obvious reasons. Our favorite baby wipes are the Honest Company baby wipes because these cleaning cloths are 100% natural and organic. Plus, these Honest baby wipes are available in a convenient four pack for you to stock up!  

Changing station - Make diaper changing comfortable and sanitary for your little one by making sure you pack a portable changing station. We recommend the Gathre Micro Mat to help make diaper changing easier and more comfortable for your baby.

Bottles - Don’t miss feeding time no matter where you and baby go! Make sure you pack bottles in your diaper bag so feeding time can be wherever and whenever. We recommend the Life Factory Glass Bottles because they eliminate any phthalates or chemicals leaching into your baby’s milk.

Comfort Item - Prevent tantrums in public by always having a comfort item on hand for your little one. Favorite comfort items are a special pacifier, baby blanket or stuffed animal.  We recommend Jellycat stuffed animals like this adorable bashful tulip puppy chime plush. Add this to your diaper bag for your little one to cuddle wherever you go.  

Spare clothes - Be prepared for messes by having extra clothes packed in your diaper bag. Messes can and will happen, so we recommend being safe, not sorry, and having spare clothes always packed in your diaper bag. Some of our favorite clothing brands for little ones include Huxababy, Kyte Baby, and more. Shop our full selection of baby clothes here.

Diaper Bag Items for Mommy and Daddy

Don’t think your diaper bag is just for carrying around your baby’s essential on the go items. Make sure you also pack your essential items, so both you and your child are as comfortable as possible. Make sure you pack:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Cell phone
  • Spare clothes

If you are still preparing for baby and looking for a new diaper bag, we recommend brands like Stokke, Skip Hop, or JJ Cole for a non-toxic, quality diaper bag.

Stocking up on your diaper bag essentials before your little one arrives? Start creating your baby registry online today and share with family and friends your must have baby items.

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