4 Must-Have Baby Clothes Brands for the Winter

4 Must-Have Baby Clothes Brands for the Winter

As winter approaches, so too does the need for clothes that’ll keep your little one bundled and warm. Just because it’s cold out, however, doesn’t mean that you have to fall back on snow pants and bulky jackets. After all, winter means holidays and time with those you love, and all your friends and family are going to expect your baby to look cute in all the pictures they’ll inevitably take (the same ones you’ll use to embarrass him or her a decade from now). Milk & Honey Babies is proud to offer brands that create clothes that are as adorable as they are warm and cuddly; here are a few of our very favorites.


Your baby may be too young to appreciate how precious they’ll look in this light grey Oeuf bunny hoodie, but they will enjoy the softness and warmth of the fabric (100% cotton) and the attention they get from those fawning over the floppy little ears attached to the hood. Don't forget to get a matching Oeuf bunny sweater and Oeuf bunny hat. If you’re interested in something a little more classic, this handsome blue Oeuf turtleneck may the perfect choice for your little one. It’s also made entirely of breathable, durable, hypoallergenic cotton that’ll hold up to multiple washings and keep your baby warm (but not too warm!). One of the most popular outfits in this year's Oeuf baby clothes line is the Oeuf poodle skirt and matching sweater.

1+ In the Family

This darling hat and mittens set comes in a soft shade of rose (or blue, or beige) that strikes a warm note against the gray bleariness so common to the winter months. Your baby will be like a breath of spring to everyone they meet, and - more importantly - the soft, insulating fabric will keep him or her warm in even the harshest conditions. The set matches beautifully with this Kay Polar Suit (also in blue or beige), available in sizes for babies from three to nine months. The small, elegant details - like the buttons on the faux pockets and the cuffed sleeves - will keep your baby as stylish as they are comfortable.


These quilted drop crotch pants are perfect for a lazy day inside with your baby cuddled up by the fire. The popularity of this piece has allowed Huxbaby to offer it in sizes ranging from three months to three years, and the flexibility provided by its elasticated tie waist allows it to continually fit your little one even as he or she grows. Your baby, however, needs something warm to wear once the two of you decide to leave the comfy confines of home, something that’ll speak to his or her love of the simpler things. This Mini-Malist Fleece Sweater fits the ticket nicely; even if your little one doesn’t know what the sweater says, he or she will still enjoy the unmatched comfort of the ultra-soft fleece (created with 100% organic cotton). Get ready for a winter party with a Huxbaby tulle skirt.

Misha and Puff

Misha and Puff features baby clothing made in Peru that is inspired by the cold Maine winters and traditional craft of clothing. Some of this year's hot items for your little ones include the popcorn sweater, tam, vintage cardigan, and marine moss leggings. Your baby will not only be warm and cozy, but fashion forward!

And so much more…

Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? Not to worry - Milk & Honey Babies offers clothing from a variety of different designers that serve every apparel need your baby could have. We even offer an incredible selection of toys to keep your baby occupied while he or she is cooped up inside, not to mention items to complete your nursery and all sorts of gear to make your job as a parent that much easier. If you have any questions - or would just like a little help picking out the perfect outfit for your little one, reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.

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